Insurance Claims

Skillful Representation of Insurance Claims

Is your insurance company treating you unfairly? You don't have to sit idly and take it! Work with attorney Scott Shaffman of Scott E Shaffman Attorney at Law and benefit from his over 35 years of experience fighting claims just like yours. Every situation is different, which is why you get a FREE consultation to discuss your situation. 

Together, we will decide if your case is worth pursuing. For your convenience, he can meet you in his office or can travel to your home or hospital room.

Get Help With Most of the Insurance Claims

Your claim is likely handled by us. Some examples include life insurance, unfair claims handling, insurance "bad faith," and ERISA. You deserve to get the money that you are owed and are entitled to for your suffering.

Additional Covered Claims


Get the Facts on the Claims Process

The services available to you work on a contingency basis, which means that you only pay if you win.
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Have you been injured or hurt? Are you upset about the situation? The good news is that you don't pay until you win!
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